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BUDGET TRANSFER REQUEST AGENDA  ITEM ONTROL NO 07C-9270 To be assigned by OMB) FUND NO 3363 & 1023 DEPARTMENT(S)   COMMUNITY  & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DATE: 3/27/2007 Request the following transfer be made for the reason(s) stated: p g 1   of BCC me NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE NO. TITLE DEPT 065 023 065 065 023 UNIT 0475 RESERVES-COMM. & SVC. 0476 PROVISION FOR  REBUDGETS 1978 ENVIRONMENTAL LAND ACQUISITION 1978 ENVIRONMENTAL   LAND ACQUISITION 0475 RESERVES OBJECT 9550 RESERVE-FUTURE  CAP. OUTLAY 9550 RESERVE-FUTURE  CAP. OUTLAY 6110 LAND AND PERM. EASEMENTS 6110 LAND AND PERM. EASEMENTS 9550 RESERVE-FUTURE CAP. OUTLAY APPR DBL R6A DBF err KQA TOTAL: AMOUNT FROM $ 13,45 3 $ 44,29 5 $ 57,74 8 $ 115,49 6 AMOUNT TO $ 57,74 8 $ 57,74 8 $ 115,49 6 JUSTIFICATION  (to be completed by OMB): This budget transfer is necessary to use the remaining PST Bond funding for the Environmentally  Sensitive Lands Project.  The increase will be offset by a reduction in the capital projects funding source. This funding source adjustment  will not change total project cost, REQUESTED BY:     Original on file RECOMMENDED BY: (Department Manager) (County  Comptroller) APPROVED / DISAPPROVED Board of County Commissioners / County Administrator: REQUESTING  DEPARTMENT:    FORWARDENTIRE SET TO THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET DISTRIBUTION  AFTER APPROVAL:   WHITE - FISCAL;  GREEN - FINANCE;  GOLD - OMB; YELLOW - OMB;  PINK - REQUESTING DEPARTMENT 25

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