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TUESDAY. MARCH 27. 2007 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 5. Approval  of a  resolution   approving  the  issuance  by the  Orange  County  Health Facilities   Authority  of  its  Revenue   Bonds,  Series  2007   (Adventist   Long-Term Care   Obligated    Group),    in   an   aggregate    principal   amount    not   to   exceed $25,000,000. (Orange County Health Facilities Authority) Page 30-42 6. Approval to award  Invitation for Bids Y7-181-GH,  Medical  Supplies, to the two low responsive  and  responsible  bidders,  Bound Tree  Medical,   LLC,  in the  estimated contract  award  amount  of  $266,220.10  for  a   1-year  term  and  Tri-Anim   Health Services,  Inc., in the estimated  contract award amount  of $196,002.30 for a  1-year term. ([EMS  Fire Rescue  Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 43 7. Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y7-720-PH, Conway Acres, Cardinal  Park and Simmons  Road  Water  and Wastewater   Improvements,  to the  low responsive  and responsible  bidder,  Maxwell  Contracting,  Inc. The  total  contract award  amount  is $2,279,730.  ([Utilities  Engineering  Division] Purchasing and  Contracts  Division) Page 44-46 8. Approval  to  award  Invitation for  Bids  Y7-731-PH,  Sherry  Drive,  Citrus  Cove  and Magnolia  Bay  Pump  Station  Improvements,  to the  low responsive and  responsible bidder,  Eclipse   Construction  Company,  Inc.  The   total  contract  award  amount  is $763,500.  ([Utilities   Engineering   Division]  Purchasing  and  Contracts  Division) Page 47-49 9. Approval of Contract Y7-1029-PD, Siemens  Traffic Signal  Controllers, with Control Specialists  Company,  at a  contract award  amount  of $300,000 for a  1-year  term. ((Traffic  Engineering  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page  50-51 10. Ratification     of     Contract    Y7-723,     International     Drive Rehabilitation     Project (Westwood  Boulevard to Little Lake  Bryan Parkway), with Gibbs & Register,  Inc., at a   total   contract   award   amount   of   $1,552,500.   ([Utilities    Engineering    Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 52 11. Approval for Renewal  of Annual Maintenance  for Computer  Aided  Dispatch  (CAD) System  Software, with Tiburon,  Inc., in the  total amount  of $167,496  for a  1 year period. ([Fire  Rescue  Department]  Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 53 CONTINUED Page 2

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