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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice Memoracu I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 2 March 12, 2009 TO: FROM: CONTACT: SUBJECT: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners ichardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts  Division Donna Loyko, Manager, Corrections Health Services Division 836-3219 Award  of  Invitation  for  Bids  Y9-184-LC,   Hospitalist   Group Services for Corrections Health Services  Division RECOMMENDATION Approval   to  award  Invitation  for  Bids  Y9-184-LC,   Hospitalist   Group  Services   for Corrections  Health  Services  Division,  to  the  only responsive  and  responsible   bidder, David Mazer, M.D. PA, for a 1-year term contract with two additional  1-year renewals in the estimated  annual contract  amount of $131,250.  This is an estimated  contract  amount and the annual usage  is uncertain.   However, the Corrections  Health  Services  Division anticipates  the  entire  estimated  contract  amount  will  be  ordered  on  an  annual  basis. Further request authority for the Purchasing and Contracts Division to renew the contract for  two  additional   1-year  periods.    The  Corrections  Health  Services  Division  concurs with this request. PURPOSE The hospitalist's  primary role  will  be  to  manage  the  medical  care  of  all  hospitalized inmates, provide greater  continuity of care and streamline operations  of  hospitalization. Services will be provided on a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week basis. DISCUSSION One bid was received  in response to this Invitation  for Bids.   Dr.  Mazer  has  provided these  services   satisfactorily  for  the  past  two  contract  terms  (six  years).     Two  other potential bidders (Darin Wolfe, M.D. and Harbinder Ghuldu, M.D.) were queried regarding their  failure  to  compete  for  award  of  this  contract.    Both  indicated  that  they  were  not interested.   Dr.  Mazer  works closely  with  medical providers  and  the  case  manager  to ensure  that the inmates  receive  the appropriate care.   The bid is considered  reasonable because it is consistent with current pricing. 18

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