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OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER ORANGE COUNTY FLORIDA COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA Tuesday,_March 21; 2017 COUNTY ·coMPTR.OLLER Items Requiring Consent Approval I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1-2 Phil Diamond, CPA County Comptroller· 201 South Ros.alind Avenue Post Office Box 38 Orlando; Florida 32802 Telephone~ 407-S3!;i-5690 Fax; 407•836-5599 Website· 1. Approval of the check register authorizing tbe most recently disbursed County funds, having been certified that same have not been drawn on overexpended accounts. Signature. authorization and accompanying detail of most recently disbursed County funds are available in the Clerk's Office and :on th:e Comptroller's, web .site. 2. Disposition .of Tangible. Personal Property Approv~I is requested of the following: a. Trc:~de in assets for a·11owance toward the purchase: ofrl'ew equipment. b. Scrap asset$. 14 14


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