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REQUEST FOR AMENDMENT TO 5 YEAR  CAPITAL  IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM Department: Publi c Works Amendment No.: 06C-909  4 Public Works Engineering Dat e Approved: 03/21/06 06C-9090 06C-9091 06C-9092 BGEX Reference: 06C-909  4 Description/Justification: A CIP amendment  is necessary  to properly fund project #2956 (CR-535 Grand Cypress to Buena Vista), project  #2994 (Curry Ford Road/Goldenrod  to Dean Road), project #2929 (Orange/Wetherbee to Taft Vineland),  project #5085 (Boggy Creek Road), and project #3034 (OWG/SR 50 to Apopka).   Old Winter  Garden Road is currently moving ahead of schedule with 55% of the project complete.   Upgrades to signals and signs, the unanticipated need for replacing deteriorated pipes, and some other smaller issues in the construction phases of CR-535 and Wetherbee  have caused a need to increase their total project costs.  No other total project costs are affected. Original on file DEPARTMENT MANAGER OFFICE OFJMANAGEMENT & BUDGET 36

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