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TUESDAY. MARCH 21. 2006 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 7. Approval and  execution  of a  new authorizing resolution approving the  issuance of multifamily   housing   revenue   bonds  for  the   proposed  development   under  new ownership -  Marbella  Pointe  Development  Group,  L.L.L.P., and new project  name -  from Kensington Club Apartments to Marbella  Pointe. (Orange County Housing Finance Authority) Page 38-48 C. COUNTY ATTORNEY 1. Approval  and  execution  of  a  Satisfaction  of  Judgments  and  Release   of  Liens officially  releasing  three  liens  against  Elizabeth   Harriell,  one  of  the  five  former owners of the property located at 719 Weaver  Court, Orlando,  Florida.  The  liens are  recorded  at O.R.  Book 4994,  Page  2518,  O.R.  Book 5995,  Page  2788, and O.R.  Book 6502, Page 6058. Page  49-51 2. Approval of the Contingent  Settlement  Agreement  at Mediation  between  George T.   Black,  et  al.  and  Orange   County,  Florida  and  authorization  for  the  County Attorney  to  enter   into  a  Stipulated   Final  Judgment,   George  T.  Black,  et  al.  v. Orange   County,   Florida,    Case    No.   CIO   00-9870,    arising   out   of   inverse condemnation for real estate  parcels for Hiawassee  Road. Page 52-64 CONTINUED Page 2

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