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Interoffice  Menu I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR AONDA   ITEM GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A February 22, 2006 TO: Mayor Richard T. Crotty -AMD- Board of County  Commissioners FROM: Randy Singh, Manager, Office of Management and Budget SUBJECT:  Consent Agenda Item for March 21, 2006 Law Enforcement Trust Fund  Expenditure Orange County Sheriff's Office  Request The Orange County Sheriff's Office is requesting to spend $6,000 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purposes: Contributions: 1. Boy  Scouts  of  America  -  $5,000.    The  funds  will  be  used  for  crime prevention,  drug  education,  and  youth  protection   programs  for   children who live in high crime areas. 2. The  Community   Service  Center  of  South  Orange  County,   Inc.   - $1,000.    The  Community  Service  Center  seeks  to  assist  families   and individuals  meet critical needs through its Emergency  Assistance  program and Families  First program.   As a result of the merger with  ESTEEM,  Inc. i n    2005,   the   Community   Service   Center   now   provides   after   school academic enrichment activities with a focus on literacy for children  in west Winter   Park   and   west   Orange/Washington   Shores. These   activities provide  valuable  academic  assistance for  children  who  would  otherwise spend their after school time unsupervised. ACTION REQUESTED:    Approval for the Orange County  Sheriff's Office to spend   $6,000  from  the  Law  Enforcement   Trust Fund   to   provide   eligible   contributions   to   Boy Scouts of America ($5,000) and to The Community Service   Center   of   South   Orange   County,   Inc. ($1,000). 18

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