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~ ~ Orange County Government. Board of County Commissioners. 201 South Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers. 1st Floor. County Administration Center TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2013 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00 a.m. • Invocation - District 3 • Pledge of Allegiance • Public Comment* I. CONSENT AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Approval of the minutes of the January 15 and 29, 2013 meetings of the Board of County Commissioners. (Clerk's Office) Page 18-68 2. Approval of the check register authorizing the most recently disbursed County funds, having been certified that same had not been drawn on overexpended accounts. (Finance/Accounting) Page 18 3. Approval of the disposition of Intangible and Tangible Personal Property as follows: (Property/Accounting) Page 18,69 a) Demolish and scrap assets. b) Trade in assets for a $5,000 per item allowance toward the purchase of new equipment. c) Dispose of assets that were sold at public auction. d) Assets abandoned at Leased Building. e) Trade in asset for a $301 allowance toward the purchase of a new weapon. f) Cannibalize an asset for its useable parts. g) Return an asset to the lessor due to expiration of the lease. h) Dispose of an asset that was totaled out by our Third Party Administrator. CONTINUED *Pursuant to Section 209 of the Orange County Charter, as amended on Nov. 4, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners must set aside at least 15 minutes at the beginning of each regular meeting for citizens to speak to the Board on any matter of public interest under the Board's authority and jurisdiction, regardless of whether the public issue is on the Board's agenda, but excluding matters that are not appropriate for public discussion, such as pending procurement or land use issues.

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