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TUESDAY. MARCH 7. 2006 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 3. Confirmation   of  the  Orange   County  Mayor's  staff  reappointments  for  the  2nd Quarter   (January  -  March)   FY  2005-06.  (Human  Resources  Division)  Page 24-29 Antonio Aguerrevere,  Manager, Capital Projects, Administrative  Services Ralphetta Aker, Manager, Fiscal & Administrative Support, Public Works Linda S. Akins, Director, Government Relations, County  Administration Richard Lee Anderson, Manager, Correctional Facility,  Corrections Cathleen Lynn Armstead, Manager, Head Start, Health & Family Services Scott P. Bradstreet, Deputy Chief of Corrections, Corrections James Douglas  Brock, Manager, Fleet Management, Administrative  Services Peter D. Clarke, Deputy Director, Health & Family Services Ella J. Gilmore,  Deputy Director,  Health & Family Services Doris Shingles Graham, Manager, Community Action, Health & Family Services James Edward Harrison, Director, Growth Management Darwin Lee Isbell, Manager, Inmate Programming Support, Corrections Joseph C. Kunkel, Manager, Engineering,  Public Works Ajit M. Lalchandani, County Administrator,  County Administration Fitzhugh Long, Manager, Business Development, Administrative  Services Melvin Pittman, Director, Community  & Environmental Services Johnny Richardson, Manager, Purchasing & Contracts, Administrative Services Cornita A. Riley, Deputy Chief of Corrections, Corrections George A. Rodon, Jr.,Economic Development Director, County Administration Timothy P. Ryan, Chief of Corrections, Corrections Robert     Paul    Spivey    Jr.,   Manager,     Code    Enforcement,     Community     & Environmental  Services Thomas Weinberg,  Deputy County Administrator, County  Administration Lavon    Banks   Williams,    Manager,    Neighborhood    Services,    Community    & Environmental Services Eric Milton Witcher, Human Resources Manager, Corrections CONTINUED Page 2

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