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Interoffice  Memorandum AGEKDA   ITEM GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A February 7, 2006 TO: Mayor Richard T. Grotty -AMD- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Randy Singh, Manager, Office of Management and Budget SUBJECT:   Consent Agenda Item for March 7, 2006 Budget Amendment #06-30,  Fund 7664, FY 2005-06 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) Contract # 2006-AP-BX-0513 Orange County Corrections Department The   U.S.   Department  of  Justice,  Bureau  of  Justice  Assistance  has  awarded  Orange County  Corrections  Department  a grant in the amount of $139,138 for  the  State  Criminal Alien  Assistance  Program.   The purpose  of this  program  is to help Orange  County  cover the cost of detaining undocumented  criminal  aliens.   Corrections  is reimbursed for the cost they incur for the imprisonment of undocumented criminal aliens  charged or convicted  of at least one felony or two misdemeanor offenses. The  estimated  total  indirect  costs  to  Orange  County  associated  with  this  program  are $12,476.   Of this amount, the granting agency has approved a budget  of $12,476,  leaving indirect costs of $0 to be absorbed by Orange County's General  Fund. Therefore,  in accordance  with  Section  129.06(2)(d),  Florida  Statutes,  it  is  recommended that the following accounts be adjusted by the amountsshown. Revenues: Account  Number Classification Amount 7664-081-3801-3150 U.S. Department of Justice $    139,138 TOTAL REVENUES $    139,138 Expenditures: Account Number Classification Amount 6IA-7664-081-3801-3125 Indirect Costs $     12,476 6IA-7664-081-0466-9110 Gen Fund-lnterfund Transfer 126,662 TOTAL EXPENDITURES $    139,138 RS/PM/rnc c:   County  Administrator Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners Finance File 16

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