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AGENDA Orange County Government •  Board of County Commissioners • 201South RosalindAvenue County Commission Chambers • 1stFloor • County Administration Center TUESDAY. MARCH 4. 2008 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00 a.m. Invocation - District6 Pledge of Allegiance Presentation  of National Biosolids Partnership Certification Presentation of proclamation designating the week of March 9 through March 15, 2008 as Orange County Cooperative Extension 4-H Week Presentation  of proclamation  designating  the month of March as American Red Cross Month I CONSENT AGENDA A. COUNTYADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval for the Orange  County  Sheriffs  Office to spend $62,540 from the  Law Enforcement  Trust  Fund  to  provide  eligible  contribution  to  the  Boy  Scouts  of America,  Central  Florida Council  and Victim Service  Center, and  to  purchase Fitness    equipment    for    the    Orange    County    Sheriffs   Office.    (Office    of Management and Budget) Page 11-19 2. Approval to award  Invitation for  Bids Y8-1002-EZ, Term Contract for  Stormwater Pond    Maintenance,    to   the    low   responsive    and    responsible    bidder,    GEM Enterprises, Inc.The estimated contract award amount is $915,973.75for a 1-year term.   ([Facilities  Management  Division]  Purchasing   and  Contracts   Division) Page 20-23 3. Selection  of the Center for  Drug  Free  Living (CFDFL), under  RFP  Y8-102-LC,to provide  Adult  Drug  Court  Substance  Abuse  Treatment and  Case Management Program.  The   contract  will  be  negotiated  within  an  annual  budget  amount  of $569,000.  ([Drug  Free Community  Office]  Purchasing  and  Contracts Division) Page 24-26 CONTINUED

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