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Interoffice I l CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR ? <•'•:• » r ti f ' 'Ji ^'(tS.Bihui.---, a hL}LU(JU GOVERNMENT FLORIDA Febmary 9, 2004 TO Richard T Crotty, County Chairman Board of County Commissioners FROM Randy Singh, Manager, 0MB V^ SUBJECT Consent Agenda Item for March 2, 2004 Law Enforcement Trust Fund Expenditure Sheriffs Office Request The Orange County Shenffs Office is requesting to spend $31,000 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the following purposes Contributions 1 Florida International University - $1,000 This organization will be sponsoring a domestic violence conference that will provide information on the comprehensive services that are available to the victims of domestic violence, as well as raise awareness by providing domestic violence education to Central Flonda Hispanic Communities These funds will be utilized to defer the costs of conference materials and training expenses 2 Rio Grande Charter School of Excellence - $5,000 The mission of this school is to instill a positive attitude in the youths that attend this school and live in one of the highest cnme areas in Orange County The school provides an academic environment with small classroom settings where the teachers provide the essentials to build strong character in the students so they are not involved in a life of cnme These positive life skills are necessary to help them overcome the social and emotional challenges they are plagued with in their day to day lives Sheriff's Program/Equipment 1. Orange County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post - $25,000. The funds will be used to attend the Flonda Shenffs Explorer Association Delegates and State Conferences, and to purchase and repair necessary equipment used by members of the Explorer Post In addition, numerous types of mandatory training are required, which requires a payment to an outside vendor 12

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