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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice Memorj I .  CONSENT  AGENDA COUNTY   ADMINISTRATOR 6 February  10,2009 TO: Mayor Richard T.Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners FROM: faptmny Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division CONTACT: Syd McCallister, Manager Youth and Family Services Division, Ryan White Title I Office 407-897-6394 SUBJECT: Approval of Contracts, Request for Proposals  Y9-159-DG Health and Support Services for Persons with HIV Spectrum Disease (Ryan White - PartA) RECOMMENDATION: Approval  of  contracts  with providers  on  the  attached  list  under RFP  Y9-159-DG, Health and Support Services for Persons  with HIV Spectrum Disease  (Ryan White - Part A), for 8 contracts in the total amount of $2,421,842.00.  This item was reviewed and approved  by the Procurement  Committee on February 6, 2009.    Commissioner Boyd was assigned to this committee. PURPOSE: To  disperse   federal  grant   funds   from   the  U.S.  Health  Resources   and   Services Administration  (HRSA) to agencies to provide health and support services  to persons with HIVSpectrum Disease (Ryan White - PartA). DISCUSSION: The  County  administers  the  program  under  guidelines  from  HRSA  over  the  four county Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) that consists of Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake Counties. The HIV Planning  Council  is  a  grant  mandated  voluntary body  appointed  by  the Mayor from 15 categories with at least 33% of its membership consisting of Persons Living  with  HIV/AIDS  (PLWH/A).    It  sets  service  priorities,   allocates   and  re- allocates  funds  among agencies  and categories  of service, establishes ways to  best meet needs and standards of care, and evaluates the grantee's disbursement  of  funds. The fiscal year for the program is March 1,2009 through February 28,2010. 49

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