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KWERNMENT •' L O R I D A Interoffice Memorao "* I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 5 January 20,2009 TO: FROM: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners M. Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division CONTACT:    Robin Hammel, P.E., Manager, Public Works Engineering Division PHONE: (407) 836-7908 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y9-703-CH County Road (C.R.) 535 Segment C and E Roadway and UtilityImprovements (Ficquette Road from 1900 Feet South of C.R. 535 and C.R. 535 from Ficquette Road to 300 Feet South of Butler Drive) RECOMMENDATION Approval to award Invitation for Bids Y9-703-CH, County Road (C.R.) 535 Segment C and E Roadway and Utility Improvements (Ficquette Road from 1900 feet south of C.R. 535 and C.R 535  from  Ficquette  Road  to  300  feet  south  of  Butler  Drive),  to  the  low  responsive  and responsible   bidder,  DeWitt  Excavating,  Inc.,  for  the  estimated  contract  award  amount of $3,695,233.54. The   estimated   amount  for  the   roadway  portion   is  $3,064,712.48  and $630,521.06 for the utility improvements.  Funds are available in account numbers  1034-072- 5066-6311,   4420-038-1482-16-6345,     and  4420-038-1542-09-6340. The   Public  Works Engineering Division and Business Development Division concur with this recommendation. PURPOSE The purpose of this project is to improve the driving and drainage conditions  on C.R. 535.  The improvements will include the widening of the existing two-lane rural roadway to a  four-lane urban  divided  roadway  with  curb  and  gutter,  closed  drainage  system,   stormwater  pond, multipurpose path, sidewalk and construction of a traffic  signal at the intersection  of C.R. 535 and Ficquette Road.  The project also includes construction of 3,393 feet of 20-inch  reclaimed water main and relocation of 873 feet of existing 24-inch  water main in conjunction with the roadway improvements of this project. DISCUSSION Twelve  bids  were  received  for  this  project.    The  low  bidder,  DeWitt  Excavating,  Inc., achieved   the  M/WBE  goal   with  26%  participation. DeWitt   Excavating,   Inc.  has  a satisfactory record  of performance and has been determined to be responsible.  Therefore, award is recommended to DeWitt Excavating, Inc. 48

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