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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memorai I .  CONSENTAGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 2 February 4, 2009 TO: FROM: CONTACT: SUBJECT: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners M. Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division !>eodat Budhu, P.E., Manager, Roads and Drainage Division 407-836-7919 Award of Invitation for Bids Y9-147-DG Right-of-Way Mowing, Bithlo Area - Section II RECOMMENDATION Approval  to  award Invitation for  Bids  Y9-147-DG,  Right-of-Way Mowing,  Bithlo Area -   Section  II, to the second  low responsive  and responsible  bidder,  Begley's Cleaning  Service,  Inc.  dba  Millennium  Grounds  &  Waters,  for  a  12-month term contract, in the estimated annual contract award amount of $101,800.  Further request authority for the Purchasing and Contracts Division to exercise Option Years  1 and 2 subject to satisfactory performance.  The Roads and Drainage Division estimates that the entire contract amount will be ordered on an annual basis.  Funds will be cited on individual  delivery  orders.    The  Roads  and  Drainage  Division  concurs  with  this recommendation. PURPOSE To provide right-of-way mowing, fertilization of turf, and litter removal in the Bithlo area. DISCUSSION Eighteen bids were received  in response  to this Invitation for Bids.   The bids were evaluated for price, responsiveness and responsibility.  Millennium Property Services, the  low  bidder,  currently is  performing less  than  satisfactorily on  another county contract.   Also, the amount of Millennium's  bid is considered  inadequate.   The per acre amount in Millennium's bid is $39 compared to the per acre amount of $45 staff believes is necessary to ensure adequate performance.  This historical cost was listed in the solicitation.  The bids of Monroe Lawn Care, Coleman's Landscaping,  Inc. and Dale Bailey's Environmental  Service were determined to be non-responsive  due to their failure to submit a list of manpower and/or equipment to be used on the contract. They were also given an opportunity to provide this information after bid opening but failed   to  respond.     Therefore,  recommend   award  to  second  lowest  responsive, responsible  bidder,  Begley's  Cleaning   Service,  Inc.  dba  Millennium  Grounds  & Waters. 40

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