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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24. 2009 I CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 7. Approval  of  providers  under  RFP Y9-160-DG,  Health  and  Support  Services  for Persons  with  HIV Spectrum  Disease   (Ryan  White  -    Part  A) -   MAI,  for two contracts. Orange  County  Health  Department - Outpatient/Ambulatory  Medical  Care  - MAI Orlando Health/Hug MeProgram -  Outpatient/Ambulatory Medical  CareMAI The  total contract amount  is $491,238.   ([Health and Family  Services  Department Youth   and   Family   Services   Division]   Purchasing   and   Contracts   Division) Page 56-58 8. Receipt  and filing of the  minutes received  by the Agenda  Development  Office of various   advisory   board   meetings    for   the   official   county   record.    (Agenda Development Office) Page 59-60 C. COUNTY ATTORNEY 1. Accept  for  filing  and  recording the  original, certified  copy  of  the  Stipulation  to Dismiss  with  Prejudice  the  federal   lawsuit  styled,  Unleashed  Magazine,   Inc., d/b/a  ORLANDO UNLEASHED v. Orange  County,  Florida,  11th Circuit Case  No. 09-10311-B,     District   Court   Case    No.   6:06-CV-1690-ORL-28GJK, and   the Agreement   Covenant   wherein   Unleashed   Magazine,    Inc.,   d/b/a    ORLANDO UNLEASHED   and   its  President,   Kim  Cousins,   in   her   individual   and   official capacities,  agreed  not to  appeal  and  not to work with  or  for  Orange  County to seek work from or for Orange  County. Page  61-68 D. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval and  execution  by the  Mayor  of  Entry  and  Access  License  Agreement between  the  Nature  Conservancy and  Orange  County,  Polk  County, City  of St. Cloud, Tohopekaliga  Water  Authority, and Reedy  Creek  Improvement  District for water  supply  monitoring for  Water  Supply  Monitoring  Program  (STOPR  Sites). (Osceola    County   and   Polk   County).   (Real   Estate   Management   Division) Page 69-70 2. Approval and  execution  by the  Mayor  of Permission  to  Enter  Property  (Right of Entry Agreements)  and  delegation   of authority  to the  Real  Estate  Management Division to exercise  renewal options, if needed,  between  Orange  County and the United   States   of  America   for   Orlando   Range   and   Chemical   Yard   (ORGY) Formerly Used  Defense  Site. (Real Estate Management Division) Page  71-72 CONTINUED Page 3

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