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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 23.2010 I CONSEN T AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (Continued) 3. Approval  to  award  Invitation for  Bids  Y10-175-JS,   Polyethylene  Water  Fittings, to the   low  responsive   and   responsible    bidder,   Consolidated Pipe  &  Supply.   The estimated  contract award  amount  is $234,316.40. ([Utilities  Department  Fiscal and Administrative Support Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 40-46 4. Approval  to  award   Invitation  for  Bids  Y10-724-CH,  Taylor   Creek   Road   Bridge Improvement,  to the  low responsive  and  responsible  bidder,  Emerald  Utilities  and Site  Development.The  total  estimated   contract  award  amount  is $2,393,180.55. ([Public  Works  Department   Public  Works  Engineering   Division] Purchasing  and Contracts Division) Page 47-54 5. Approval of Amendment  No.  1, Contract  Y9-135,  CISCO Hardware,  Smartnet  and Ownership Administration Support, in an additional amount of $1,400,000. ([County Administration    Information   Systems   and   Services   Division]   Purchasing    and Contracts Division) Page 55-56 6. Confirmation    of  the  Orange   County   Mayor's   staff  reappointments   for  the  2nd Quarter    (January   -     March)    FY  2009-10:   (Human   Resources   Division) Page 57-63 Ralphetta Aker, Manager, Fiscal & Administrative Support, Public Works Diana M. Almodovar, Manager, Development Engineering,  Public Works Donell E. Bjoring, Manager, Professional Services, Corrections James M. Fitzgerald,  Deputy Director, Fire Rescue Services Tarzan Ambrosia Frazier, Manager, Energy Management,  Administrative Services Eric D. Gassman, Assistant County Administrator, County Administration Warren E. Geltch, Assistant County Administrator, County Administration James Edward Harrison, Director, Growth Management William J. Hurley, Manager, Water Reclamation,  Utilities Darwin Lee Isbell, Manager, Inmate Programming Support, Corrections Ajit M. Lalchandani, County Administrator, County Administration Mark Massaro, Director, Public Works Michael James McCoy, Director of Public Safety, Public Safety Melvin Pittman, Director, Community  and Environmental Services Frank A. Priola, Manager, Fiscal Services, Corrections Mark S. Rhame, Division Chief, Fire Operations, Fire Rescue  Services Johnny Richardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts, County Administration Cornita A. Riley, Deputy Chief of Corrections, Corrections William John Rivera, Manager, Human Relations,  Corrections CONTINUED Page 2

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