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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A I .  CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 5 Interoffice Memorandi January 27, 2005 TO: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners FROM: mhtmy Richardson, Manager '/ifurchasing and Contracts Division 407-836-5633 CONTACT:    Rafael Mena, Chief Information  Officer Information Systems and Services Division (407) 836-5201 SUBJECT: Renewal  of  the  Annual  Maintenance  Agreement   for  EMC  Enterprise Storage Area Network Software and Hardware RECOMMENDATION: Approval  for Renewal of  the  Annual Maintenance Agreement  for the  EMC  Enterprise Storage Area Network Software and Hardware, with EMC Corporation, in the amount of $205,132  for the  period of November 6, 2004 through November  5, 2005.   Funds  are available  in  account  0001 043  0506  3192.   The  Information  Systems  and  Services Division concurs with this recommendation. PURPOSE: To provide 24-hour preventative monitoring, problem response, and compatible  software updates for the County's proprietary EMC Storage Area Network (SAN). DISCUSSION: The  EMC  SAN  hardware  and  software  host  the  databases  of  many  of  the  County's mission  critical  application  databases  to  include  the  Advantage  Financial   System, PeopleSoft,  311,  E-mail,  the  Geographic  Information  System  (GIS),  the  Integrated Criminal  Justice  Information  System  (ICJIS),  the  new  Utilities  Billing  System,  the Inmate Management/Medical System (IMMS) and all County files on the U and S drives. The SAN hardware and software were originally purchased in 2001 from a state contract at  a cost  of $1,563,876  and  included the  first  three years  of maintenance  and  support. Since that time, the division has purchased   $625,000 of additional capacity for the SAN from EMC via  state contract  to meet the County's  rapidly  growing  storage  needs.   To date, the approximate total system cost is $2.2million.  The annual maintenance is9.4% of the total system cost and considered very reasonable by industry  standards. 40

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