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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice  Memorani January 31,2004 I . CONSENT AGENDA ADMINISTRATIVE   SERVICES DEPARTMENT 3 TO: FROM: PHONE: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of CountyCommissioners y M. Richardson,  Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division 07) 836-5633 CONTACT:    Deodat Budhu, Manager, Roads and Drainage Division PHONE: (407)  836-7871 SUBJECT: Award of Invitation for Bids Y4-754-J2 Fern Creek Drainwell Replacement and Abandonment Date of Opening: December  16, 2004 IFB Packages Issued:  Non-MAVBE Vendors 13 Bids Received: Non-MAVBE Vendors 4 M/WBE Vendors M/WBE Vendors 0 0 RECOMMENDATION Approval to  award Invitation  for Bid  Y4-754-J2,  Fern Creek  Drainwell  Replacement  and Abandonment,  to  the   low  responsive   and  responsible   bidder,   Conpilog   International Company.  The total contract award amount is $148,010 (Base Bid award).  Sufficient  funds will be available in account  1023-072-5035-6330.   The Roads and Drainage Division  and the Business Development Division concur with this recommendation. PURPOSE The work consists  of the abandonment of an existing drainwell and construction of a new drainwell.   Also  included  are  geophysical  logging  and  flow  testing  of  replacement  well upon completion, construction  of various storm drainage pipes,  structures,  and connection t o  existing storm drainage systems.  These improvements are located in east Orange  County. DISCUSSION Four bids were received.  However,  the bid from  Sunshine Building & Development  Corp. was not considered because  the bidder  failed  to attend the mandatory Pre-Bid  Conference. The  lowest  responsive  and  responsible  bidder,  Conpilog  International  Company,  is  an Orange  County  certified M/WBE  and  satisfied  the  desired  minority/women  participation goal.   The solicitation contained  an alternate bid  for an optional installation method of  the drainage  well  casing.    The  base  bid  required  the  use  of  mud-rotary  drilling  installation method.   The alternate bid  allowed  the  installation  method by  impact  driving.   The base method was determined to be more  cost  effective.   Conpilog International Company has a satisfactory record of performance and is recommended for award. Compilog International Company Cathcart Contracting Company Jaffer Associates Corp. Base Bid: $148,010.00 $179,030.80 $235,600.00 Alternate Bid: $148,510.00 $164,543.00 $226,600.00 34

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