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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 22. 2005 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT (Continued) 7. Approval and  authorization  to  pay for  unforeseen  impact  fees  and  code-related requirements  associated   with  tenant   improvements  for  Fire   Rescue   Training Academy  located  at  2976  Forsyth  Road,  Orlando,  Florida.    District  5.    (Real Estate Management Division)  Page 44-45 8. Approval of Utility Easement  and authorization to record instrument for Petition  to Vacate  #03-30  (East  Road).    District  1.   (Real  Estate  Management  Division) Page 46-47 9. Approval of  Utility  Easement  and  Subordination  of  Encumbrances  to  Property Rights   and   authorization  to   record   instruments  for   Shoppes   @   Bonneville. District 5.  (Real Estate Management Division)  Page 48-49 10. Approval of Drainage  Easement  and Subordination of Encumbrances to  Property Rights and authorization to disburse warrant to pay all recording fees  and  record instruments   for   Orlando   North   Service   Center. District   2. (Real   Estate Management Division)  Page 50-51 11. Approval  of   Contracts   for   Sale   and   Purchase,    Holdover   Agreement,    and Warranty  Deeds,  authorization  to  disburse  warrants  to  pay  purchase  price  and closing  costs,  and  perform  all  actions  necessary  and  incidental  to  closing  for Green  PLACE.   District 2.  (Real Estate Management Division)  Page 52-53 D. COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval to file by resolution Satisfaction  of Special  Assessment  Lien for  unsafe structure  abatement  pursuant  to  Orange  County  Ordinance  2000-04.  District  4. (Code Enforcement Division) Page 54-57 2. Approval  to  advertise  Resolutions  for  Special   Assessment  Liens  on  property cleaned   by  Orange   County,   pursuant  to  Orange   County   Code,   Chapter   28, Nuisances, Article II,  Lot Cleaning.  Districts  1, 2,  3,  and 6.  (Code  Enforcement Division) Page 58-59 LC04-511;    LC05-111; LC05-075; LC05-080; LC05-081; LC05-082;    LC05-083; LC05-084; LC05-093; LC05-094; LC05-095. CONTINUED PageS

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