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GOVERNMENT I'   [  .  O  K I    I  )   A I . CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 5 AGENDA DEVELOP* '2tll  South  Rosalind Avenue  • Kcj 407-.s:5(i-54^<) • I'AX 4()7-,s;5(i-2S February  9, 2005 TO: Mayor Richard T. Grotty -AND- Board of County  Commissioners THRU: Barbara C. Chasteen, SupervisdQ-^ Agenda Development Office ^ FROM: Cheryl J. Gillespie,  Advisory Board Coordinator Agenda Development  Office SUBJECT:     Appointment to Membership  and  Mission  Review  Board CONSENT AGENDAITEM  FEBRUARY  22, 2005 Commissioner  Sindler  has requested  Board  confirmation  of  his appointment of  Maye  Louise St. Julien to the Membership and Mission  Review  Board  to succeed  Eartha Salmon with a term expiring  December  31, 2006. A copy of her application  has been delivered  under separate  cover. ACTION REQUESTED: Confirmation of Commissioner     Sindler's appointment  of  Maye  Louise  St.  Julien  to  the Membership  and  Mission  Review  Board  with  a term expiring  December 31, 2006.

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