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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 22. 2005 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval to award  Invitation for Bids Y5-164-NW, Roll Tape, to the  low responsive and responsible bidder, Hibex  Incorporated.  The estimated  contract award amount i s  $114,639  for a  1-year  term.   ([Orange  County Convention  Center]  Purchasing and Contracts Division)   Page 27-28 2. Approval   to   award    Invitation   for   Bids   Y5-713-SB,   Orange   County    Medical Examiner's  Facility Autopsy  Room  HVAC Modifications,  to the  low responsive  and responsible  bidder, Air  Ideal,  Inc.   The  total  contract  award  amount  is $167,000. ([Capital Projects Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division)  Page 29-33 3. Approval   to   award    Invitation   for   Bids   Y4-754-J2,    Fern    Creek    Drainwell Replacement   and  Abandonment,  to  the  low  responsive  and  responsible  bidder, Conpilog  International  Company.    The  total  contract  award  amount  is $148,010 (base  bid award).    ([Roads  and  Drainage  Division]  Purchasing  and  Contracts Division)   Page 34-37 4. Approval  of  Contract  Y5-198,  Pharmaceutical   Drugs  for  the  Ryan  White  Title  I Program, with AmerisourceBergen  Drug Company.   The  estimated  contract award amount  is  $1,657,361.     ([Health   Services  Division]  Purchasing  and  Contracts Division)   Page 38-39 5. Approval  for   Renewal   of  the   Annual   Maintenance    Agreement   for  the   EMC Enterprise  Storage  Area  Network  Software  and  Hardware,  with EMC  Corporation, i n  the  annual amount  of $205,132.   ([Information  Systems  and  Services Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division)   Page 40 6. Approval  to  award   Invitation  for  Bids  Y5-142-JS,  Tree  Trimming   and  Related Services, to the  low responsive and  responsible  bidders,  Charlie's  Tree  Services, Inc.,  and  Seay   Tree   Service,   Inc.    The   estimated   contract   award  amount   is $2,580,000 for Charlie's  Tree  Service,  Inc. (Lot  1) and $1,333,420 for Seay  Tree Service,  Inc. (Lot 2).   ([Roads  and Drainage  Division] Purchasing and  Contracts Division)   Page 41 -43 CONTINUED Page 2

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