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HAGENDA Orange County Government •  Board of County Commissioners • 201South Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers • 1stFloor •  County Administration Center TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 22. 2005 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00  a.m. Invocation—District  5 Pledge of Allegiance I .   CONSENT  AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Approval  of  the   minutes  of  the   January   11,  2005,  and   January   18,  2005, meetings of the Board of County  Commissioners.   (Clerk's Office)  Page 11 B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval of Budget Amendments 05-20 and 05-21.  (Office of Management  and Budget)   Page 12-15 2. Approval  of  Budget  Transfers  05-0904,  05C-9057,  and  05C-9061.    (Office  of Management and Budget)  Page 16-20 3. Approval of CIP Amendment  05C-9061.   (Office  of  Management  and  Budget) Page 21-22 4. Receipt  and filing of the  minutes  received  by the Agenda  Development  Office  of various   advisory   board   meetings   for   the   official   county   record.   (Agenda Development Office) Page 23-25 5. Confirmation of Commissioner  Sindler's appointment  of Maye Louise St. Julien to the  Membership  and  Mission  Review  Board  with a  term  expiring  December   31, 2006. (Agenda Development  Office) Page 26 CONTINUED

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