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AGENDA Orange  County Government  •  Board of County  Commissioners • 201South  Rosalind Avenue County Commission Chambers  • 1stFloor •  County Administration Center TUESDAY.  FEBRUARY  7. 2006 MEETING STARTS AT 9:00  a.m. Invocation—District  2 Pledge of Allegiance Presentation  regarding  the  "Winged  Runner,"  which  is  being  donated  by Sea World to United Arts and was created by artist Roy Shifrin Presentation of proclamation  designating the month of February as "Black History Month" I .   CONSENT  AGENDA A. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 1. Approval of the minutes of the January 10, 2006, meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.  (Clerk's Office) Page 10 B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval    of    Budget   Amendments   06-24,   06-25,    and   06-26.   (Office    of Management  and Budget)  Page  11-15 2. Approval of CIP  Amendment  06C-9053.  (Office  of  Management  and  Budget) Page  16-17 3. Approval of the  Membership  and  Mission  Review  Board's  recommendations  for the following advisory board appointments/reappointments: (Agenda Development  Office) Page 18-23 A. Citizens'   Review   Panel  for   Human  Services:  Appointment  of  Peter Richard  Scott  and   Ryan   M.   Colbert  in  the  at  large   member-in-training category with terms expiring December 31, 2006. Page 29-21 B. Emergency   Medical   Services   Advisory  Council:   Reappointment   of Gloria  C.  Woods  in  the  at  large  elder  interests  category  and  Dawn  M. Hargrove   in  the   hospital   representative   category   with   terms   expiring December  31,  2006;  the   reappointment  of  Cynthia  Bell  in  the  hospital representative  category with a term  expiring December 31, 2007; and the reappointment  of Richard  Morrison in the  hospital representative category and  Louis A. Warmijak  in the  at  large  representative  category  with terms expiring December 31, 2008. Page 22-23 CONTINUED

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