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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Deputy County Attorney Joel D. Prmsell Senior Assistant    County Attorneys Robert  D. Guthrie Edward M.  Chew Assistant   County Attorneys Roberta  Alfonso Linda Brehmer  Lanosa Henry Brown Dana  Crosby P. Andrea DeLoach George  L. Dorset! Allen Erickson Whitney E.  Evers Wanzo Galloway, Jr. Tamara L.  Gappen Tara L.Gould Charles J. Hawkins,  II Peter A. Lichtman John P.  Lowndes LilaLMcHenry Vivien J. Monaco LjnmP.Porter-Carlton William Turner legal   Administrative Supervisor Knna M.  Caban Sir. Paralegal ohn P.  Dougherty •aralegals amberly Cundiff oann Darnell, CP ittiy Saravanja, CP 4aria  Vargas,  ACP COUNTYATTORNS , CONSENT AGENDA THOMAS B.  DRA.GE COUNT Y ATTORNEY 201 South Rosalind Avenue - 3r 1 Reply To: Post  Office Box  1393 Orlando, Florida 32802-1393 407-836-7320 . Fax 407-836-5888 DATE: January 28, 2009 TO: Mayo r Richard T. Crotty and The Board of County  Commissioners FROM: John P. Lowndes, Assistant County Attorney RE: BC  C Consent Agenda Item-February  3,2009 - Joinder andConsent to Plat for the Burnham Institute for Medical Research at Lake Nona Phase 1 (Burnham Institute for Medical Research, Mortgagor, and Orange County, Florida, the City of Orlando and Lake Nona Land Company,  LLC, Mortgagees) The Joinder and Consent brought to you for approval and execution  today is part of the ongoing  obligations of the  County pursuant to the Grant Agreement between the City of Orlando, Orange County,  Lake Nona Land Company, and the Burnham Institute. With  grant  money,  Burnham  is  carrying  out  its obligation  to  develop  its  campus  on County-owned  property  under  a  ground  lease.    Further,  the  County,  City,  and Lake Nona  hold a mortgage  interest in the property to protect the grant  investment. At this point  in  development,  Burnham  must  plat  pursuant  to  Chapter  177,  Florida  Statutes. That  statute  requires that all mortgage holders  execute a Joinder  and Consent  to the plat.   The theory  in that  law  is that  in the  event a  mortgage  holder  forecloses  and becomes the fee owner of the property after platting, the mortgage holder will be bound t o  the  requirements  of  the  plat.   It is the traditional way land development  occurs in Florida. It is the position  of this office that the Grant Agreement obligates the County to execute all documents that are necessary to carry out the provisions  of the Agreement and to achieve the development  (including platting) intended by the Agreement. Also attached is a Joinder  and Consent dated December 10, 2007.   This document is a Joinder  and  Consent  for  the  very  same  property that  is  subject  to  the  Joinder  and Consent  we request be  approved  today.  The prior document  was done in December 2007,  but since  that date, there  have  been  minor  revisions  to the plat, including the name  of  the  plat.    The  document  being  brought to  you today will  substitute  for  the December 2007 Joinder and Consent. Action Requested:   Approval  and  execution of the  Joinder  and  Consent  to  Plat  for Burnham Institute for  Medical  Research at  Lake Nona  Phase 1, (Burnham  Institute for Medical Research, Mortgagor, and Orange County, the City of Orlando and Lake Nona Land Company, LLC, Mortgagees). S:\Jlowndes\agrmt\BURNHArVI\Memo to Mayor and BCC on Joinder & Consent 2 3 09.rtf 72

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