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ffiBY GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A AGENDA DEVELOPS 201 South Rosalind Avenue •Re 407-836-5426 • FAX407-836-28 I . CONSENTAGENDA COUNTYADMINISTRATOR 7 32802-1393 January 22, 2009 TO: Mayo r Richard T. Grotty -AMD- Board of County Commissioners THRU: Barbara C. Chasteen, Supervise Agenda Development Office FROM: Cheryl J. Gillespie, Advisory Board Coordinatoi Agenda Development  Office SUBJECT:    Reappointment to Board of Zoning Adjustment CONSENT AGENDA ITEM FEBRUARY3, 2009 Commissioner   Moore   Russell   has  requested   Board  confirmation   of  her appointment  of  William  H.  Burrell  as  the  District  6  representative  on  the Orange County Citizen Corps Council with a     term expiring December  31, 2010.  A  copy  of  Mr. Burrell's  advisory  board application for appointment  has been delivered  under separate cover. ACTION REQUESTED: Confirmation  of the appointment  of William  H. Burrell  as the District 6 representative  on the Orange  County  Citizen  Corps  Council  with  a term expiring December 31,2010. 71

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