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I .  CONSENTAGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 6 GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A January 21, 2009 TO: Mayor Richard T. Grotty -AND- Board of County  Commissioners FROM: Aji t Lalchandani,  County  Administrator SUBJECT:     International  Drive Master Transit & Improvement District Advisory Board  Appointment/Reappointment CONSENT AGENDA FEBRUARY 3, 2009 The   International   Drive   Master   Transit   and   Improvement   District   Advisory  Board consists  of  five  members,   three  of  whom  are  appointed   by  the   Board  of  County Commissioners  and  two  of  whom  are  appointed  by  the  City   of  Orlando.  Orange County's  current  representatives  on the  advisory board are Sibille  Pritchard  (Orlando Plaza Partners), and Richard Van Slyke (Busch Properties). Mr.   Van   Slyke's   and   Ms.   Pritchard's   terms   on  the   advisory   board   expired   on December 31, 2008. ETC (Efficient  Transportation for the Community of Central Florida, Inc.)    and   the    International    Drive    Resort   Area   Chamber    of   Commerce   have recommended  that the Board reappoint  Sibille Pritchard and Richard Van Slyke for an additional four-year term. ACTION REQUESTED: Reappointment   of   Sibille   Prichard   and   Richard   Van Slyke   to   the    International    Drive   Master   Transit   & Improvement    District    Advisory    Board    with    terms expiring December 31, 2012. Attachments AJIT  M.  LALCHANDANI,    County Administrator 201 South Rosalind Avenue -Reply To: Post Office Box 1393 • Orlando, Florida 32808-1393 Telephone 407-836-7366 - FAX 407-836-7399 69

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