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3OVERNMENT L    O     R    I     D    A Interoffice Memorandui I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 5 January 8,2009 TO: Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County Commissioners ichardson, Manager, Purchasing and Contracts Division FROM: CONTACT:^ Bill Hurley, Manager, Water Reclamation Division PHONE: 407-254-9685 SUBJECT: Ratification   of   Emergency   Purchase   Order   M41748,   Auxiliary  Power Generator, Northwest Water Reclamation  Facility RECOMMENDATION: Ratification  of  Emergency Purchase  Order  M41748,  Auxiliary  Power  Generator  for  the Northwest Water Reclamation Facility, with Ring Power Corp., in the amount of $135,891. Funding is available in account 4420-038-1435-01-6310.  The Water Reclamation Division concurs with this recommendation. PURPOSE: This Purchase Order provided for Ring Power Corp. to furnish and install a new Caterpillar Model CIS diesel generator set at the Northwest Water Reclamation  Facility. DISCUSSION: I n    accordance   with   the   Florida   Department  of   Environmental   Protection   Domestic Wastewater Facility Operating Permit, the Northwest Water Reclamation Facility is required t o  maintain auxiliary electric power in the event of a commercial power failure to ensure the continuous operation of the facility.  One of the facility's auxiliary electric power generators experienced a catastrophic failure and was not economically  repairable due to the unit's age (25 years).   Ring Power Corp., had a generator set that met our requirements available and ready for immediate installation.   Other sources  (MTU Onsite Energy and Cummins) could not deliver for 12 to 15weeks.  It was imperative that the failed generator be replaced on an emergency basis to maintain the permit requirements.   The price is considered  reasonable based on a comparison with prices previously paid by the County for similar equipment. 68

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