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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 3. 2009 I. CONSEN T AGENDA (Continued) D. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval and  execution  by the  Mayor  of  Lease  Agreement  between  St. Johns River   Water   Management   District,   Orange   County,   Orlando-Orange   County Expressway   Authority   and    State    of   Florida   Department    of   Environmental Protection,  Division  of  Recreation  and  Parks for  Neighborhood  Lakes Property. District 2. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 77-78 2. Approval  and   execution   by   the   Mayor   of   Subordination   of   Utility   Interests between   Florida  Power  Corporation d/b/aProgress  Energy  Florida,  Inc.and Orange  County  and  authorization   to disburse  funds  to  pay  recording  fees  and record  instrument for East-West  Road (SR  436  to Dean  Road).  District 3. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 79-80 3. Approval and  execution  by the  Mayor  of  Resolution  and  authorization  to  initiate condemnation  proceedings   for  South   Service   Area/East   Service   Area   Water Mains. District 1. (Real  Estate Management Division) Page  81-82 4. Approval of  Utility  Easement  between  Group  142-4,   LLC  and  Orange  County, Subordination  of Encumbrances  to Property  Rights to Orange  County  from First Commercial  Bank of Florida, Subordination of Encumbrances to PropertyRights t o   Orange  County from  KFC  U.S.Properties,  Inc., and  authorization to record instruments  for  KFC  @   Avalon-Utility    File  #57327.   District   4.   (Real  Estate Management Division) Page 83-84 5. Approval of Utility Easement  between Shri Surya Narayan  Mandir  of Florida, Inc. and   Orange   County,   Subordination   of   Encumbrances    to   Property   Rights  to Orange  County from Amsouth Bank (Amsouth Bank is now  Regions  Bank)  and authorization to record instruments for Shri Surya Narayan  Mandir -   Utility  File #48225.  District 1. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 85-86 6. Approval  of  Utility  Easement   between   Thomas   G.  Wenski,   as  Bishop  of  the Diocese  of Orlando and  Orange  County and  authorization to  record instrument for  St.  Joseph's  Garden   Court  -    Utility  File  #52286.   District 4.  (Real  Estate Management Division) Page 87 7. Approval of Utility Easement  between the  District Board of Trustees  of Valencia Community  College  and  Orange  County and  authorization to  record instrument for   Valencia   Community   College   North   Parking   Lot  Expansion   -    Utility   File #58665.  District 3. (Real  Estate Management Division) Page  88-89 8. Approval  of   Drainage   Easement   between   the   Vista   Pointe   Family   Limited Partnership   and   Orange   County   and   authorization  to   record  instrument  for Petition to Vacate #08-30 (Alachua Street).  District 3. (Real Estate Management Division)  Page  90-91 CONTINUED Page 3

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