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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3. 2009 I. CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval to process the  remaining  Orange  County  CRA  administrative  expenses budgeted  for FY 2008-09 to the  Orange  Blossom Trail  Development  Board in the amount of $143,333.  (Office of Management and Budget) Page 63 2. Approval to re-award  Invitation for Bids Y8-183-PD, Document Scanning/Imaging  of Hardcopy   Information,   to   Advanced    Data   Solutions,   for   a   1-year   term.   The estimated  contract  amount  is  $474,217.25.    ([Growth  Management    Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 64-65 3. Approval to  award  Invitation for  Bids  Y9-139-LC,   Medical  Excess  Loss  Insurance, t o    the    low   responsive   and    responsible   bidder,   UnitedHealthcare     Insurance Company  for  a  1-year  term.  The  estimated  contract  award  amount  is  $519,968. ([Administrative Services  Department   Human  Resource  Division] Purchasing  and Contracts Division) Page 66 4. Approval  of  Contract  Y9-4023,  Children's  Home   Society  for  the   Neighborhood Centers for Families (NCF). The  total contract award  amount  is $166,909.68,   from January   1,  2009  through  September   30,   2009.   ([Health   and   Family   Services Department    Citizens'    Commission    for    Children    Division]   Purchasing    and Contracts Division) Page 67 5. Ratification  of Emergency  Purchase  Order  M41748, Auxiliary Power  Generator  for the  Northwest Water  Reclamation  Facility, with Ring  Power  Corporation,  in the total amount  $135,891.  ([Utilities  Department  Water  Reclamation   Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 68 6. Reappointment  of  Sibille  Pritchard  and  Richard  Van   Slyke  to  the  International Drive  Master  Transit  &  Improvement  District Advisory Board  with terms expiring December  31, 2012.  (Agenda Development Office) Page 69-70 7. Confirmation    of   the   appointment    of   William   H.   Burrell   as   the    District   6 representative  on the Orange  County  Citizen Corps  Council  with a term  expiring December  31, 2010.  (Agenda Development Office) Page 71 C. COUNTY ATTORNEY 1. Approval and  execution  of Joinder  and  Consent  to  Plat  for the  Burnham  Institute for   Medical   Research   at   Lake   Nona   Phase   I  (Burnham   Institute  for   Medical Research,  Mortgagor, and Orange  County, Florida, the City of Orlando,  and  Lake Nona  Land  Company,  LLC,  Mortgagees).  Page 72-76 CONTINUED Page 2

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