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I n  addition, related administrative  costs of insurance required of the Association  by this maintenance agreement, property taxes on common area eligible for direct landscape maintenance, governmental collection, County administrative costs, and inspection fees may be reimbursed from the MSBU funds. 2. The following are areas and facilities to be excluded from maintenance service  under,the MSBU with such exclusions not limited to: a. Any common area for which admission fees are collected or to which access for its intended use is not available to all residents/property owners subject to the MSBU b. Boat docks c. Clubhouses d. Drainage maintenance and repair e. Fences other than chain link f Golf courses g. Lakes h. Paved roadway maintenance i . Playground equipment j Sidewalk repair k. Swimming pools I Traffic signage replacement m. Those areas of courts and fields designed for recreational and/or sporting activities, which include equipment  and/or design pertaining to that particular recreation or sport (such as areas within and including a baseball diamond infield) 3. Additional expenses to be excluded from eligibility for reimbursement under the MSBU, with such exclusions not limited to: a. Gifts and parties b. Meal reimbursements c. Special awards and bonuses ARTICLE II - SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED 1. The Association shall maintain the landscaping  and beautification improvements located within the Maintenance Area serving Rio Pinar East, which maintenance  repair and/or replacement shall only include the following direct and related administrative cost items: a. Application of fertilizer b. Application of insecticide c. Application of weed control d. Direct landscape maintenance costs for common landscaped entries, rights-of-way, street medians, and open areas.  Open areas are defined as those areas without improved aboveground structures and that are: 1. Used for passive recreation or scenic  preservation 2. Contiguous to the platted or deeded public right-of-way of an existing County road and accessible from such road 3. Open to all residents and property owners of the MSBU equally and not restricted as to access for use e. Edging of entryway common areas and/or street medians (islands, roadways, and sidewalks) f Electricity for entrance landscape lighting and irrigation system g. Irrigatio n system repair (initial installation at the Association's expense) 2   G:\Word\RMBS\Common\riopinaresl 04aaree.doc

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