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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1. 2005 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) B. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 1. Approval  for  the  Sheriffs  Office  to  spend  $38,732  from  the  Law   Enforcement Trust Fund to provide eligible contributionsto Restore Orlando,  Inc. ($500) and to the  National Latino Peace Officers Association, Central  Florida Chapter  ($1,000); Sheriff    Programs/Equipment     for    the    Drug    Abuse    Resistance     Education Program/Tee's   Plus  ($31,232);  and the  Orange  County  Sheriffs  Officers  Crisis Intervention Team ($6,000).  (Office of Management and Budget)   Page 73-83 2. Approval  for  payment   of  budgeted   administrative  expenses   for  the   Orange Blossom Trail  Development  Board.  (Office of Management and Budget)  Page 84 3. Approval of the  Membership  and Mission Review  Board's recommendation  of the reappointment  to  the  Animal  Services  Classification  Committee   of  Deborah  J. Turner  in  the  at  large  representative   category  and  Scott  F.  Friedman   in  the American  Kennei  Club representative category with terms expiring December  31, 2006;  and  the   appointment   of  Cpl.   Ron  L.  Walker   to  the  Animal   Services Classification  Committee  to  succeed   Sgt.  Jay  Stephen  Hinton,  Jr.  in the  K-9 handler    category    with    a   term    expiring    December    31,    2005.   (Agenda Development Office) Page 85-87 C. COUNTY SHERIFF 1. Acceptance  and  execution  of the  application  for the  Florida  Department   of  Law Enforcement's    (FDLE)    Edward    Byrne    Memorial    State    and    Local    Law Enforcement Formula Grant, and authorization for the County Mayor to execute the   Certificate   of  Acceptance. The   Orange   County   Sheriffs   office   will   be reimbursed  100%  for coordinating the  Intoxilyzer 8000 Phase  111project.   Project costs  are  based  on a  budget  of $24,650 ($18,487 federal  and $6,162  match  by the FDLE).  (Grants)  Page 88-118 CONTINUED Page 2

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