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RESOLUTION ofthe Board  of County  Commissioners creating the CHARTER  REVIEW  COMMISSION 2008 Resolution  No. 2007 WHEREAS,  Section  702  of  the  Orange  County  Charter  requires  the  Board  of County  Commissioners  to  appoint  a Charter Review Commission  consisting of not  less than eleven (11) members  and not more than fifteen (15) members  no later than February 1st ofthe year prior to a Presidential election year; and WHEREAS,  the  Charter  Review  Commission's  term  expires  no  later  than  the Monday following the Presidential election;and WHEREAS,  the   Charter   Review   Commission   is   empowered   to   conduct  a comprehensive  study of any or all phases of county government  and propose amendments or revisions to the Orange  County Charter; and WHEREAS, the Board  of County Commissioners is now desirous of  fulfilling  its duty required by Section 702 ofthe Orange County Charter. NOW,  THEREFORE,  BE IT RESOLVED  BY THE  BOARD OF  COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF ORANGE COUNTY: Section L Creation.   Pursuant to  Section 702 of the Orange  County Charter, the 2008 Orange County Charter  Review Commission is hereby created. Section 2. Membership.    The  2008  Charter  Review  Commission  ("CRC") shall  consist  of (15) members, all of whom  are electors ofthe  county and none of whom are elected  officials.   All CRC members  shall serve pursuant to the provisions set forth in Section  702 ofthe Orange County Charter. The appointees to the CRC  for 2007-2008  are as follows: District  1: District 2: Brian  Butler Christine  Curtis Districts: Dr. Jorge  Lopez Angel de la Portilla District 4: Sally  Holmes Sharon Wilson Districts: District 6: Debi Vanessa Rumph, Esq. Dr. Frank Smith

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