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GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Deputy County Attorney Joel D.  Prinsell Senior Assistant  County Attorneys Joseph L. Passiatore Robert D.  Guthrie Assistant   County Attorneys Roberta Alfonso Linda Brehroer  Lanosa Henry Brown Edward Chew Richard Coaxum,  Jr. Anthony J.  Cotter Dana Crosby P. Andrea  DeLoach George L. Dorsett Allen Erickson Whitney E. Evers Wanzo Galloway,  Jr. Tamara L. Gappen Tara L. Gould Charles J. Hawkins,  II Katherine M. Lockett John P. Lowndes Lila I. McHenry Vivien J.  Monaco James A. Moreland Lynn P.  Porter-Carlton Legal   Administrative Supervisor Anna M. Caban Sr. Paralegal John P. Dougherty Paralegals Kimberly Cundiff Joann Darnell,  CLA COUNTY ATTOR1 THOMAS B. DRA 201 South Rosalind Avenu. Reply To: Post Office Box ] Orlando, Florida 32802-13'. 407-836-7320 • Fax407-836-58«8 I .  CONSENT   AGENDA COUNTY   ATTORNEY TO: FROM: SUBJECT: DATE: MEMORANDUM Mayor Richard T. Crotty and the Board of County  Commissioners Thomas B. Drage, County Attorney/ Charter Review Commission Resolution/Consent Agenda Item, January 30,2007 January 24, 2007 As you may be aware, Section 702 of the Orange County Charter requires the Board of County Commissioners to appoint a Charter Review Commission ("CRC") by February 1st of the year prior to a presidential election year.  The CRC must have no fewer than eleven members and no more than  fifteen. Attached  is a Resolution establishing  the 2008  Charter Review Commission and nominating the membership. Action Requested: Adoption of the Resolution creating the Charter Review Commission and nominating the membership. S:\RGuthrie\CORRESP\Mayor   and BCC on CRC Resolution, wpd 20

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