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TUESDAY. JANUARY 30. 2007 I CONSEN T AGENDA (Continued) D. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval to  award  Invitation for  Bids  Y7-159-HF,   Weatherization   Program,  to  the sole responsive and responsible bidder, Camelot  Development,  Inc.  The  estimated contract  award  amount  is $250,788 for a  1-year term.  ([Housing  and  Community Development  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 24-25 2. Approval to  award  Invitation for  Bids Y7-706-EZ,  Bithlo Community  Park  Ballfield Improvements   Project,  to  the   low  responsive  and   responsible   bidder,  Schuller Contractors,  Inc. The   total   contract   award   amount   is  $345,295.   ([Parks   and Recreation  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 26-29 3. Approval  of   Amendment   7,   Contract   Y2-801,    Construction   Manager   at   Risk Services for Fire Stations  55, 56 and 85, with Wharton  Smith,  Inc., in the amount of $1,045,530.91 for a new not-to-exceed  contract amount of $6,106,360.91.  ([Capital Projects Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page  30-31 4. Approval  of  Amendment   5,  Contract  Y4-117B,   Sewage   Hauling,   with  Brownies Septic  Services,  in the  amount  of $122,500  for a  new  contract total  of $245,000. ([Water  Reclamation  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 32 5. Approval  and  execution   by  the  Mayor  of  Space/Use   Agreement   between  the Greater  Orlando  Aviation Authority and  Orange  County  for  interior  boat storage space  for  Orange   County  Sheriffs   Marine   Division  located   at  3534-B  Amelia Street,    Orlando,    Florida.    District   3.   (Real   Estate   Management   Division) Page 33-34 6. Approval  and  execution   by the  Mayor  of  Lease  Amendment  and  delegation  of authority to the  Real  Estate  Management   Division to exercise  renewal options, if needed,   between  Avalon  Island  LLC  and  Orange   County  for  office  space  for Phoenix  Building, Suite 200  located at 30  South  Magnolia  / 69  East  Pine  Street, Orlando, Florida.  District 3. (Real Estate Management Division) Page 35-36 7. Approval and  execution  by the  Mayor  of Termination  of  Easement,   approval  of Ingress-Egress   Easement    and   Subordination   of   Encumbrances   to   Property Rights and  authorization  to record  instruments for Park  Lake  Outfall/Frank  Denis Commercial     Office    Complex,    Maitland,     Florida.    District    5.    (Real    Estate Management Division) Page 37-38 8. Approval and execution by the  Mayor of Amended  and Restated  Declaration  and Grant   of   Easements   and   authorization   to   record   instrument   for   Convention Center  Expansion  Phase  V/Hilton  Hotel.  District 6.  (Real  Estate  Management Division) Page 39-40 9. Approval  of  Utility  Easement   and  Subordination  of  Encumbrances   to  Property Rights  and  authorization  to  record  instruments  for  Siegel  Residence  OCU   File #44605. District  1. (Real Estate Management Division) Page  41-42 CONTINUED Page 2

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