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m (MY GOVERNMENT F   L   O   R   I   D A Interoffice Memc I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY  ADMINISTRATOR 2 AGENDA  ITEM January 23, 2007 TO: Mayor Richard T. Grotty -AMD- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Randy Singh, Manager, Office of Management and Budget SUBJECT: Consent Agenda Item for January 30, 2007 Orange County Sheriff's Office Request for Staff Increase As discussed at the January 23, 2007 Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Orange County Sheriff's  Office is requesting approval to increase staffing by twenty-five  (25)  new  positions   at  a  total  cost  of  $832,989  for   FY  2006-07. Funding is being provided from General Fund Reserves. Three (3) of these positions are for School  Resource Officers needed to provide services to five (5) new schools that were opened by the Orange County School Board in FY 2006-07.  The annual cost of these positions is $189,621. The remaining twenty-two (22) positions  are for Court Security Officers to provide security  services  at  the  Courthouse  for  a total  six-month  cost of  $643,368 for FY  2006-07.   These  positions  are  needed  as  a  result  of four  (4)  new  judges, additional hours for an equivalent of three (3) senior judges, and the restructuring of the Domestic Violence, Criminal, and Juvenile Justice Courts. ACTION REQUESTED: Approval for the Orange County Sheriff's Office to increase     staffing     by    twenty-five    (25)    new positions and approval of budget transfer07-0976 i n  the amount of $832,989 to increase the Sheriff's Office total draw for FY 2006-07. RS/mc Attachments c:   Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Eric Gassman, Director of Fiscal Management Brad Hurd, Sheriff's Comptroller, Orange County Sheriff's Office 15

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