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I. CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY SHERIFF 1 Interoffice Visit our website: January 7, 2015 TO: Mayor Teresa Jacobs -ANO- Board of County Commissioners FROM: Pat Danforth, Grants Coordinator Orange County Sheriff's Office SUBJECT: Florida Department of Law Enforcement FY14-15 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant CONSENT AGENDA ITEM 1-27-2015 The Florida Department of Law Enforcement acting as the pass-thru agency for the Justice Assistance Grants County-wide, has awarded the Orange County Board of County Commissioners grant funding in the amount of $137,356 that requires no matching funds. The grant period is October 1,2014 through September 30,2015. Swift Assisted Victim Extraction (SAVE), No. 2015-JAGC-ORAN-8-R3-171 Orange County Sheriff's Office and Orange County Fire Rescue will train together to develop a mutual plan that would allow for the safest rescue of victims from an established "Warm Zone" during such incidents as, active shooter/active assailants. ($45,000) HOT EOD Underwater/Dive Component, No. 2015-JAGC-ORAN-1 O-R3-160-this funding will provide money to purchase much needed equipment for this specialized dive team such as, but not limited to: lighting system and diver kits. The lights allow for dark water and nighttime dives. This enhances the EOD-HDT Bomb Team's ability to provide quicker response to a possible impending dangerous situation. ($22,875) Aviation Helmets & NVG Training, No. 2015-JAGC-ORAN-12-R3-172-three pilots will receive training and certification for Night Vision Goggle usage, since a large percentage of flight time is at night. Training is based on an average of 13 hours of training. ($48,700) 54


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