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December 2, 2008 ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS'  MEETING Date: Tuesday , December 2, 2008 Location: Commissio n   Chambers,  Orange  County  Administration   Center, First Floor, 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, Orlando,  Florida Members Present:   County  Mayor  Richard  T.  Grotty;  Commissioners  S. Scott  Boyd, Fred Brummer, Linda Stewart, Bill Segal, Tiffany Russell Member Absent: Commissioner Mildred Fernandez Others Present: County Comptroller  as Clerk Martha Haynie, County  Administrator Ajit   Lalchandani,   County  Attorney   Tom   Drage,   Deputy   Clerk Kathleen Johnson -  CALL TO ORDER, 9:06 a.m. -  Invocation -  Pastor Michael Warren, Pleasant View Baptist Church, Apopka -  Pledge of Allegiance - PRESENTATION 2008 Crisis Intervention TeamAwards -  PUBLIC COMMENT The following persons addressed the Board for public comment: -  Richard Morgan - Matthew Falconer - COUNTYCONSENTAGENDA Motion/Second: Commissioners Stewart/Segal Absent: Commissione r  Fernandez AYE (voice vote):   All present members Action: The Board - Deferred  County Administrator   Item  1 for  discussion  (see  page 6  for  subsequent approval) - Corrected County Administrator  Item  10, replacing the word "award," with the word "amendment" and further,  approved the  balance  of the  County Consent  Agenda  items  as  follows, including County Administrator  Addendum # 1: County Comptroller 1.  Approval of the minutes  of the October 7, 2008 meeting  of the Board of County Commissioners. (Clerk's Office) December 2,2008 pag  e 1of 29 12

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