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GOVERNMENT F    L    O    R    I    D A HUMAN  RESOURCES E J. RICARDO  DAYE, Dirt 450 East South Street, 2nd Floor • Re (407) 836-5661 • FAX (407) 836-536. I .  CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 6 802-1393 Date: To: From: Contact: Subject. January 9, 2006 Richard Crotty,County Mayor Bpanclo/ County Commfs^ioners 1"ye, Director, Hunfen ResourcesDivision Anne Kulikowski, Manager, Fiscal & Human Resources Division Administrative Services Department CONSENT AGENDA- January 24, 2006 Special Pay Incentive -  Facilities Management-Correctional Facilities Crew Background: I n  the  late 1980's, the  Facilities  Management Division  had difficulty  in recruiting  and  retaining employees  to  maintain  the  33rd  Street  Correctional  Facilities.   The  Correctional  Facility  was viewed  by  employees  as  an  undesirable   work  location   compared  to  other  work  locations throughout the County. I n  order  to  ensure  highly  qualified  staff were  available  for  maintenance  of  the  Correctional Facilities,  Facilities  Management established a "Special  Pay Incentive" of twenty-five (25) cents per hour for employees when responding  to the needs of Corrections  and working within the Correctional  Facility.    This  incentive  was established  in the  Fiscal  Year  1989/90  budget,  and originally  paid for out of a budget accounting line for special pay.  Currently, this incentive is paid for directly out of the salaries budget account. After a recent review, it was learned that while this special  incentive  pay was approved by the BCC through the budget process, the payment of these funds was never authorized by the BCC. Instead, it was authorized by County Administration via a February 9, 1993 memo explaining the incentive  and outlining operational  guidelines for administering the incentive.   In order for the incentive payment to continue, the Payroll Department is requesting that BCC approval be sought at this time. I n  addition  to the approval to  continue  the Special  Pay Incentive,  Facilities  Management has requested the incentive pay be increased to fifty (50) cents per hour for each hour worked at the 33rd Street Correctional Facility  by Facilities Management Division employees.  There has been no  increase  in special  pay since the inception of this incentive.    This  increase,  amounting  to approximately $15,600,  was included in the FY 2005/06 budget, which the  Board approved in September 2005.   Currently, twenty-seven (27) non-exempt  Facilities Management employees working at the 33rd St. Correctional Facilities receive this Special Pay Incentive. 32

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