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Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Page 2 of 2 appointed to such office, must give a bond conditioned  for the faithful performance of the duties of his or her office as required  by the board of county commissioners. The premium of the  bonds given must be paid out of the county treasury. History.--s.  1, ch.  6477, 1913; RGS 1571; CGL2419; ss. 12, 35, ch.  69-106; s. 838, ch.  95-147; s. 30, ch. 95-312; s. 23, ch.  98-34. 137.05   Duty of boards of county  commissioners.--The  board of county commissioners of each county shall at its regular  meetings in January and June of each year examine carefully as to  the sufficiency of bonds of the county officers, and if it  hasreason to believe that the sufficiency of any bond hasbecome impaired, it  must at once require the officer to execute and file with the proper officer a new bond for the same amount and under the same conditions as his or her former bond. History.-s. 2, ch.  4413, 1895;GS825; RGS  1572; CGL2420; s. 839, ch.  95-147; s. 24,  ch.  98-34. 137.08   Sums for  which sureties may be bound.--In  every bond in which the amount of the bond shall not exceed $1,000, there shall be at least two sureties, each bound for the full amount of the bond. In every bond so specified in which the amount of the  bond shall exceed $1,000, each surety may bind himself  or herself for a specified sum, and the aggregateamount for which the sureties shall bind themselves shall not be less than the penalty of the bond. History.--s. 9,  ch.  3724, 1887; RS 620; GS828; RGS 1575; CGL 2423; s. 841, ch.  95-147. 137.09  Justification and approval of bonds.-Each surety upon every bond of any county officer shall make affidavit that he or sheis a resident of the county for which the officer is to be commissioned, and that he or she has sufficient  visible  property therein  unencumbered and not exempt from sale under legal process to make good his or her bond. Every such bond shall be approved by the board of county commissioners and by the Department of Financial  Services when they and it  are satisfied in their judgment that the same is legal, sufficient, and proper to be approved. History.-s. 10, ch.  3724, 1887; RS 621; GS829; RGS 1576; CGL2424; ss. 12, 35,  ch.  69-106; s. 842, ch.  95-147; s. 148, ch. 2003-261. 137.10   Provisions  not applicable to surety  companies.--The provisionsof this chapter requiring two sureties and justification by surety shall not apply where such surety is a surety company authorized to do business in this state. History.-s. 1, ch.  5372, 1905; GS830; RGS 1577; CGL2425. Disclaimer: The information  on this system is unverified. The journals or printed bills of the respective chambers should be consulted for official purposes. Copyright © 2000-2005 State of Florida. 31 1/6/2006

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