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TUESDAY. JANUARY 24. 2006 I .   CONSENT AGENDA (Continued) C. COUNTY ATTORNEY 1. Approval of a  resolution  approving the  sale  and transfer of certain  cable  system assets   from   Strategic   Technologies,    Inc.   to   Bright   House    Networks,    LLC. Page 34-38 2. Ratification  of  the  Mediation   Settlement   Agreement   dated   December   5  2005 between   Orange   County,   Florida  in  Case  No.  02CA-7183-0,  Orange  County, Florida v. Williamsburg Residential Limited Partnership. Page 39-42 D. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT 1. Approval  to  award  Invitation for  Bids Y6-601-PD,  Landfill  Compactor,  to  the  low responsive  and  responsible  bidder,  Ring  Power  Corporation.    The  total contract award  amount  is $576,250.    ([Solid  Waste  Division]  Purchasing  and  Contracts Division) Page 43-46 2. Approval  to  award  Invitation  for  Bids Y6-705-JC,  Orange  County  Landfill  Cell  8 Slope  Stabilization,   to  the  low  responsive  and  responsible  bidder,  ERG  General Contracting Services,  Inc.   The  total contract  award  amount  is $1,250,344.   ([Solid Waste  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page  47-51 3. Approval to award  Contract Y6-611-GH,  Lifepak  12  Biphasic Defibrillator/Monitors, to Medtronic Emergency  Response  Systems, Inc.  The total contract award amount i s  $239,218 for eight units.   ([Fire  Rescue  Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 52 4. Approval to award  Contract Y6-195-GH, Inspection  and Repair  of Defibrillators and Monitors,  to  Medtronic   Emergency   Response   Systems,   Inc.  The   total  contract award   amount   is  $123,009   for   a   1-year   term. ([Fire    Rescue    Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 53 5. Approval  to  award  Contract  Y6-610-NW,  Tracking   and  Billing  Software  for  the County  Motorola  Radio  System,  to  Burks GenCore  Co.,  Inc.,  DBA  The   Genesis Group.    The    total    contract    award    amount    is   $103,903. ([Public    Safety Communications  Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 54-55 6. Approval of Renewal  and  Upgrade  of Software  Support and  Licensing  Agreement for  IBM Products and Systems, with the IBM Corporation.   The total contract award amount  is $293,165.34  for  a  1-year  period.    ([Information  Systems  and  Services Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 56 7. Approval of Amendment  7,  Contract Y1-1033,  Security  Guard  Services,  with The Wackenhut  Corporation,  in the  amount  of $241,423.50 for a  new contract amount of  $4,551,959.80.  ([Facilities  Management   Division] Purchasing  and  Contracts Division) Page 57-58 CONTINUED Page 2

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