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I.CONSENT AGENDA COUNTY MAYOR 1 201 SOUTH  ROSALIND AVENUE, P.O. Box   1393,    ORLANDO, PL 32801 RICHARD T.  GROTTY MAYOR December 29, 2009 TO: Boar d of County Commissioners FROM: Mayo r Richard T. Grotty SUBJECT: Managerial Appointment -  Head Start Division, Family Services Department I t  is my pleasure to announce the selection of Jacquelyn Stewart for the position  of Head Start Manager. Ms. Stewart possesses unique skills, has extensive experience and will be a welcome addition to our Orange County team. Ms. Stewart  brings over twenty years experience  in early childhood  education  to  the important  role of Head Start  Manager -  a program with  responsibility  for over  1,500 children and their families. Following several years of service in the United States Army, Ms.   Stewart   began   her   career   in   early   learning   education    as   an    Assistant Director/Teacher in Atlanta,  GA. Since that time, she has served in a number  of  Head Start positions - as a Center Manager, a Coordinator, a Center Director, and as a Grants Reviewer in Washington D.C.   In addition, she has held various  administrative  roles in consulting,  evaluation,  and testing.  Ms. Stewart holds  a bachelor's  degree  in  Human Services from Mercer University,  a master's  degree in Human  Services  Management and  Leadership  from Springfield  College  and is currently  a doctoral  candidate  in the Organizational  Leadership/Non-Profit  Management/Early Childhood Education  program at Argosy University with an expected graduation in May 2010. Ms.  Stewart will  begin  her  new role  with  Orange  County  on  January  11,  2010  at  a starting annual salary of $88,500.  Her resume is attached for  your review.  If you  have any questions regarding this appointment please call me or Ajit  Lalchandani. ACTION REQUESTED: Confirmatio n  of Jacquelyn  Stewart as Manager, Head Start Division, Family Services Department RTC/mf Attachment c: Ajit Lalchandani,  County Administrator Sharon Donoghue, Deputy County Administrator Linda Weinberg, Deputy County Administrator Lonnie Bell, Director, Family Services Ricardo Daye, Director, HumanResources

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