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Homeowner Fertilizer Application Online Course Quiz
1. You must have a citizen application certificate in order to apply fertilizer on your yard in July. True False
2. Only fertilizer with zero (0) phosphorus should be used on a typical lawns. True False
3. Apply fertilizer to the edge of lakes and wetlands. True False
4. Florida soils do not have enough phosphorus, so we should use fertilizers with phosphorus. True False
5. A deflector shield is not needed if fertilizer is distributed with a broadcast spreader. True  False
6. Fertilizer granules that spill onto the driveway do not need to be swept up. True  False
7. Contact Orange County Animal Services to learn about soil testing. True  False
8. The best rule of thumb is to use the whole bag of fertilizer for your yard. True  False
9. A good time to fertilize is when the weather forecast calls for heavy afternoon thunderstorms. True  False
10. Nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer runoff can pollute lakes and streams. True   False
11. My lawn is too small to make a difference, these rules don't apply to me. True False

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