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Below is a list of current contracts that will soon expire. Pending availability of funds, these contracts will likely be rebid and may be on the current advertised bid list. If you have any questions about any of these upcoming project solicitations, please contact the Procurement Division, and ask for the contact listed. 407-836-5635

Contact Name Current Contract # Contract Name Expiration Date
Melisa Vergara  Y16-139   Bottled Drinking Water for the Orange County Convention Center  12/19/2018 
Rochelle Chambers  Y17-906   Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Building Envelope Services  12/19/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-1112   Printer Repair Services  12/20/2018 
Carol A. Hewitt  Y15-906 A  Continuing Professional Transportation Planning Engineering Services  12/20/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-2066   Juvenile Delinquency Drug Court Program  12/23/2018 
Todd Jackson  Y16-166   Request for Proposals for Private Counsel for 2015 Orange County Value Adjustment Board  12/27/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y13-1088   Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal  12/30/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-1091   Liquid Polymer SWRF  12/31/2018 
Nysa Hernandez-Galindo  Y15-1040   Medical Records Copy/Release of Information  12/31/2018 
Todd Jackson  Y13-1098   Web Based Department of Motor Vehicles Individual Driver Records and Risk Assessments  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y14-113   State Lobbying Services  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y14-131   Employee Assistance Program Services  12/31/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y17-111   Methadone Treatment Contractor  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y13-1051   Group Medical and Pharmacy Plan  12/31/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y14-102   West Building Interior Landscape Management at the Orange County Convention Center  12/31/2018 
Perry Davis  Y15-1028   Biosolids Management - South Water Reclamation Facility  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y13-1039   Group Dental Insurance  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-176   Third Party Administrator Services for Orange County Health Services Department  12/31/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y15-197   Construction Cost Estimating and Scheduling Evaluation Services  12/31/2018 
Sherry Wooten  Y8-101   Food & Beverage Services - Convention Center  12/31/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y14-1054   Elevator Maintenance Services NON-OEM  12/31/2018 
Sherry Wooten  Y18-2054   Women's Sexual Trauma Survivor Program  12/31/2018 
Patrice Hauser  Y18-131   Psychiatrist Medical Director Services  12/31/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y18-170   Motorola Master Agreement  12/31/2018 
Sherry Wooten  Y17-1141   Electrical Equipment Inspection, Testing and Diagnostic Services  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-1089 N  Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D Employer Group Waiver Plan Coverage  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y17-2063   Prevention/Education Coordinator  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-1050   Cobra, Retiree, and Flexible Spending Account Administrative Services  12/31/2018 
Perry Davis  Y17-144   Basketball Officials  12/31/2018 
Patricia Rigby  Y17-147   Youth Athletics Photography  12/31/2018 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y15-1089 F  Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D Employer Group Waiver Plan Coverage  12/31/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y16-143   Leachate Hauling  12/31/2018 
Rolando Melo  Y16-903 A  Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Lake Management Services  1/2/2019 
Sherry Wooten  Y17-146 B  EMS Medication  1/2/2019 
Sherry Wooten  Y17-146 A  EMS Medication  1/2/2019 
Todd Jackson  Y17-128   HVAC Maintenance and Repairs for Utility Building Operations  1/2/2019 
Tracy Attenasio  Y15-1140   Sanitary Sewer CCTV and Cleaning  1/5/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y16-2061   Youth Program West Orange Recreation Center  1/6/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y16-150   Laboratory Supplies  1/7/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y17-134   Fire Alarm System Monitoring and Maintenance - Utilities Division  1/8/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y16-148   Temporary Labor - Food Service  1/8/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y16-123   Corrections Department Fence Installation and Repairs  1/9/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y17-138   Towing Services  1/10/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y17-137   Uniforms for Fire Rescue Department  1/10/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y17-139   Grease Trap Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair for OCCC  1/10/2019 
Perry Davis  Y14-120   Maintenance and Operation of Motorized Roll Up Doors  1/10/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y14-124   Emergency Generator Maintenance and Repair at Orange County Convention Center  1/12/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y18-116   Lake Down Alum Injection Facility  1/14/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y16-100-LC   MSBU Retention Pond Weed Control  1/16/2019 

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