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Below is a list of current contracts that will soon expire. Pending availability of funds, these contracts will likely be rebid and may be on the current advertised bid list. If you have any questions about any of these upcoming project solicitations, please contact the Procurement Division, and ask for the contact listed. 407-836-5635

Contact Name Current Contract # Contract Name Expiration Date
Melisa Vergara  Y15-1019   Sublet Vehicle Repair  6/25/2018 
Perry Davis  Y14-1035   Extension Cords  6/26/2018 
Nysa Hernandez-Galindo  Y16-1070   Vending Machine Services for IOC I, IOC II, Admin Bldg, Family Services, Facilities Management and Youth and Family Services  6/26/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y16-1058   Survey and Inspection of Backflow Prevention Assemblies - Supplemental  6/26/2018 
Kathy Bozeman  Y14-1014   Computing Hardware Maintenance  6/28/2018 
Perry Davis  Y3-1021   Transfer Processing and Marketing of Recyclables at Orange County's Materials Recovery Facility  6/30/2018 
Todd Jackson  Y11-152   Internet Payment Gateway Solution Provider  6/30/2018 
Kalindi Fitch  Y10-158 A  Taxi Services - Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Kalindi Fitch  Y10-158 B  Taxi Services - Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Kalindi Fitch  Y10-158 E  Taxi Services - Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Perry Davis  Y13-194   Section 457 Deferred Compensation/other Post Employment Benefits Trust Fund Consultant Services  6/30/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y12-183   Bioxide  6/30/2018 
Kathy Bozeman  Y12-1041   Janitorial Services at the Orange County Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y15-1032   Request for Proposals for Contractor of Record  6/30/2018 
Elia Batista  Y15-900 A  Continuing Professional Stormwater Management Engineering Services  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y15-1061   Right-of-Way Mowing-West Orange Area, Section II  6/30/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y15-1054   Laundry Chemicals & Dispensing Systems  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y14-1038 B  Lot Cleaning Services Lot One  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y14-1038 C  Lot Cleaning Services Lot One  6/30/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y15-2074   PCAN, Executive Director  6/30/2018 
Todd Jackson  Y14-1088   North West Regional Data Center Customer  6/30/2018 
Nysa Hernandez-Galindo  Y15-1040   Medical Records Copy/Release of Information  6/30/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y14-2069   Adult Drug Court Track for Clients with Co-Occurring Disorders  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y15-1053   Wellness Nurse Services  6/30/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y15-2071   Human Services Contract  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y14-1038 A  Lot Cleaning Services Lot One  6/30/2018 
Patrice Hauser  Y16-1036   Security System Monitoring, Community Action Division  6/30/2018 
Patrice Hauser  Y16-1035   Medical Oxygen Delivery Service & Rentals for Kennel - Animal Services  6/30/2018 
Kalindi Fitch  Y16-4011   Neighborhood Center for Families  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y16-1049 C  Shuttle Bus Service with Driver - Orange County Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Patrice Hauser  Y16-1068   Health Plan Actuarial Services for Human Resources Division  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y16-1049 A  Shuttle Bus Service with Driver - Orange County Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Patricia Rigby  Y17-1090   Exterior Landscape Maintenance at Millennium Park, Crystal Lake Park, Hourglass Park, and Fern Creek Boat Ramp  6/30/2018 
Michael Davis  Y17-1100   Landscape Maintenance at Waste Water Plant PS3411 Station B  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y17-1026   Landscape Maintenance at Orange County Pump Stations  6/30/2018 
Perry Davis  Y17-1075   Vactor Trucks Repair and Service  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y16-1059   911 Certification Training  6/30/2018 
Rolando Melo  Y16-1012   Storm Sewer Pipe Installation and Repair  6/30/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y15-2070   Residential Substance Abuse Program (RSAT)  6/30/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y16-1049 B  Shuttle Bus Service with Driver - Orange County Convention Center  6/30/2018 
Patricia Rigby  Y16-1084   Feral Hog Capture and Removal  7/4/2018 
Todd Jackson  Y16-1051   Sodding, Seeding, Mulching, Hydro-Seeding, and Hydro-Seeding with Bonded Fiber Matrix Services  7/4/2018 
Carol A. Hewitt  Y15-108 B  Construction Services for the Sidewalk Program  7/5/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y16-184   Request for Proposals for Audit Services  7/6/2018 
Elia Batista  Y16-185   Maintenance of Stormwater Ponds  7/6/2018 
Tracy Attenasio  Y15-1038   Utilities Pavement Restoration and Sidewalk Repair  7/7/2018 
Perry Davis  Y14-1024   Fire Hydrant Cleaning and Painting  7/8/2018 
Todd Jackson  Y17-1046   Rx Linc Master Program Agreement  7/9/2018 
Perry Davis  Y14-191 B  Sewage Hauling  7/10/2018 
Michael Davis  Y16-1087   Biotrickling Filter Maintenance at South Water Reclamation Facility  7/10/2018 
Perry Davis  Y14-191 A  Sewage Hauling  7/10/2018 
Perry Davis  Y13-104   Floating Lift Station Degreser  7/10/2018 
Perry Davis  Y17-1049   Request for Proposals for Psychological Examinations and Evaluations for Correctional Officer Applicants  7/10/2018 
Megan Miller  Y17-1093   Graphic Design Services for Regional History Center  7/14/2018 
Perry Davis  Y13-1037   Aerial Insecticide Application  7/14/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y15-1047   Emergency Generator Preventative Maintenance Field Services Division  7/14/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y15-1064   Right-of-Way Mowing - West Orange Area, Section III  7/14/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y15-1065   Right-of-Way Mowing - West Orange Area, Section I  7/14/2018 
Perry Davis  Y17-1118   Basic Construction Education Program for Inmates  7/16/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y17-1081   Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs of Fuel Systems  7/17/2018 
Ana Villalona  Y15-1095   Golf Shirts for Fire Rescue  7/19/2018 
Kathy Bozeman  Y13-1044   Small Engine OEM Parts  7/19/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y16-1075   Fence Installation and Repairs  7/19/2018 
Melisa Vergara  Y17-1070   Motor Fuel Transport Deliveries  7/20/2018 
Kathy Bozeman  Y15-162   Biomedical Waste Removal and Supplies  7/20/2018 
Perry Davis  Y15-1085   HVAC Filters for the Convention Center  7/21/2018 
Kathy Bozeman  Y13-1043 A  Mosquito Control Insecticides  7/21/2018 
Kathy Bozeman  Y13-1043 C  Mosquito Control Insecticides  7/21/2018 
Megan Miller  Y15-1114   Landscape for West Beach Park, Lester Mandel Park, Tildenville Park & Summerport Park  7/21/2018 
Perry Davis  Y15-1084   Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings  7/21/2018 
Perry Davis  Y15-1082   Toxicology Laboratory Analysis  7/21/2018 
Alina Hernandez  Y15-2066   Juvenile Delinquency Drug Court Program  7/22/2018 
Perry Davis  Y16-1078   Interior Painting Services  7/22/2018 
Perry Davis  Y16-1077   Fill Dirt and Natural Sand  7/24/2018 

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