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Below is a list of current contracts that will soon expire. Pending availability of funds, these contracts will likely be rebid and may be on the current advertised bid list. If you have any questions about any of these upcoming project solicitations, please contact the Procurement Division, and ask for the contact listed. 407-836-5635

Contact Name Current Contract # Contract Name Expiration Date
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  13-23R   Office Supplies  10/17/2019 
Perry Davis  Y16-1076   Median Tree Program  10/18/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y14-1103   Collection De-Manufacturing and Recycling of Household End-Of-Life (EOL) Electronic Equipment  10/19/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y16-1065 A  Inmate Personal Care and Recreation Products  10/23/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y15-1141   Pump Station Control Panels  10/28/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y16-1074   Request for Proposals for Labor/Management Legal Counsel  10/29/2019 
Nysa Hernandez-Galindo  Y15-1040   Medical Records Copy/Release of Information  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-1076   Repair of Synthetic Liners at the Landfill  10/31/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y18-106   Furnish Asphalt Products  10/31/2019 
Megan Miller  Y17-1136   Feminine Hygiene Products  10/31/2019 
Nysa Hernandez-Galindo  Y17-1142   Mail Route Services for Public Works  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-1115   Landscape Maintenance - Moss Park  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-1140   Landscape Maintenance - Kelly Park and Camp Joy  10/31/2019 
Perry Davis  Y18-1023   Federal Lobbying Services  10/31/2019 
Nysa Hernandez-Galindo  Y19-134   Landscape Maintenance for Garden of Remembrance - East Cemetery & Garden of Rest - West Cemetery  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-1147   Landscape Maintenance at Trimble Park and Tangerine Park  10/31/2019 
Sherry Wooten  Y19-189   Reflections  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-1114   Landscape Maintenance at Magnolia Park  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-132   Personal Hygiene Supplies  10/31/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y16-1136   Professional Consulting Services for Orange County Utilities Department  10/31/2019 
Sherry Wooten  Y16-1114   Evidence Based Cognitive Behavioral Program for Inmates at Orange County Corrections - Young Fathers Initiative  10/31/2019 
Patricia Rigby  Y17-101   Exterior Landscape Maintenance at Cooperative Extension/Education Center  10/31/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y16-104   Tire Retreading for Solid Waste  11/1/2019 
Megan Miller  Y17-1112   Exterior Landscape Maintenance at Yucatan Park  11/1/2019 
Perry Davis  Y16-1085 B  Landscape Maintenance Roads and Drainage Division  11/2/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y14-1030   Water Pipes, Valves and Fittings  11/4/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y18-1149   Landscape Management for the Southern Regional Water Supply Facility  11/4/2019 
Perry Davis  Y16-119   Cleaning Air Quality Control Towers  11/4/2019 
Perry Davis  Y15-1123   Sewer Pipes and Fittings  11/5/2019 
Perry Davis  Y18-1100   Sealing Chemicals  11/7/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y14-140 A  Communication Products  11/8/2019 
Todd Jackson  Y18-1142   Temporary Labor Services - Maintenance Technician  11/9/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y16-116   Soap and Paper Products for the Orange County Convention Center  11/9/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y18-1130   Staff Augmentation - Septage Attendant  11/11/2019 
Carol A. Hewitt  Y17-905 B  Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Surveying and Mapping Services  11/12/2019 
Melisa Vergara  Y16-1045   Emergency and Temporary HVAC Equipment Rental and Installation Services  11/12/2019 
Carol A. Hewitt  Y17-905 C  Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Surveying and Mapping Services  11/12/2019 
Ana Villalona  Y16-111   Turf Fertilizer  11/12/2019 
Alina Hernandez Fernandez  Y17-1134   Request for Proposals for Adult Drug Court Substance Abuse Treatment and Case Management Program  11/13/2019 
Kathy Bozeman  Y14-103   Inmate Commissary and Banking Services for the Orange County Corrections Department  11/13/2019 
Sherry Wooten  Y19-148 B  Kennel Supplies  11/14/2019 
William Arce  Y19-111   Stryker EMS Equipment  11/14/2019 
Sherry Wooten  Y19-148 A  Kennel Supplies  11/14/2019 
Carol A. Hewitt  Y16-900 B  Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Engineering Design Services  11/15/2019 
Carol A. Hewitt  Y16-900 A  Request for Proposals for Continuing Professional Engineering Design Services  11/15/2019 

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