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Below is a list of current contracts that will soon expire. Pending availability of funds, these contracts will likely be rebid and may be on the current advertised bid list. If you have any questions about any of these upcoming project solicitations, please contact the Procurement Division, and ask for the contact listed. 407-836-5635

Currently Advertised Solicitations
Contact Name Current Contract # Contract Name Expiration Date
Patricia Rigby  Y22-1028   Landscape Maintenance for Deputy Brandon Coates Park  5/31/2024 
Viviana Sandoval  Y21-1002   Landscape Maintenance at Ft Christmas and SR 50 Boat Ramp  5/31/2024 
Melisa Vergara  Y19-129 B  Staff Augmentation - Nursing Services  5/31/2024 
Melisa Vergara  Y19-129 C  Staff Augmentation - Nursing Services  5/31/2024 
Ana Villalona  Y19-1037   Landscape Management of the West Orange Trail  5/31/2024 
Jenna Allen  Y19-132 B  Disaster Debris Removal and Recovery  5/31/2024 
Jenna Allen  Y19-131   Disaster Debris Monitoring and Recovery Services Term Contract  5/31/2024 
Rebeca Malave  Y18-165   Section 457 Deferred Compensation/Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust Fund Investment Consultant Services  5/31/2024 
Kathy Bozeman  Y20-186 B  Financial Legal Counsel  5/31/2024 
Kathy Bozeman  Y20-186 D  Financial Legal Counsel  5/31/2024 
Kathy Bozeman  Y20-186 C  Financial Legal Counsel  5/31/2024 
Melisa Vergara  Y19-155   Emergency Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches Inspection, Testing and Repair at OCCC North/South Building  5/31/2024 
Ana Villalona  Y19-135   Legal Counsel for Code Enforcement Foreclosures  5/31/2024 
Rochelle Chambers  Y22-128   Cured-in-Place Gravity Main Lining  5/31/2024 
Heidee Santiago-Rullan  Y21-1017   Landscape Maintenance at Goldenrod Park  5/31/2024 
Kathy Bozeman  Y20-186 A  Financial Legal Counsel  5/31/2024 
Jenna Allen  Y22-1040   Software Support and Annual Maintenance for Oracle Applications and Database.  5/31/2024 
Julianne Foyil  Y22-1042   Landscape Maintenance at Lakeside Villages and Taborfield Park  5/31/2024 
Tiffany Fulse  Y19-127   HVAC Filters for Facilities Management  5/31/2024 
Patricia Rigby  Y21-162   Landscape Maintenance at Cooperative Extension/Education Center  5/31/2024 
Jenna Allen  Y19-132 A  Disaster Debris Removal and Recovery  5/31/2024 
Melisa Vergara  Y18-1031   Micro Market at Courthouse  5/31/2024 
Tiffany Fulse  Y21-102   Portland Cement, Type 1  5/31/2024 
Patricia Rigby  Y23-1003   Landscape Maintenance for South Orange Youth Complex and Taft Ball Field  5/31/2024 
Michelle Black  Y20-906 A  Continuing Water Quality Professional Services  5/31/2024 
Michelle Fort  Y21-182   Landscape Maintenance for West Orange Recreation Center  5/31/2024 
Ana Villalona  Y19-108   Construction Cost Estimating and Scheduling Evaluation Services  5/31/2024 
Patricia Rigby  Y23-1025   Landscape Maintenance for Gotha Park, Honolulu Park, Lake Down Boat Ramp and Lake Pearl Park  5/31/2024 
Megan Miller  Y19-137   Evidence Based Cognitive Behavioral Programs for Inmates at Orange County Corrections - Parenting Inside Out  6/1/2024 
Corie Cummings  Y20-901 A  Continuing Professional Transportation Planning Services  6/6/2024 
Corie Cummings  Y20-901 C  Continuing Professional Transportation Planning Services  6/7/2024 
Zuleimy Ralat Perez  Y23-193 B  Supply and Installation of Traffic Signal Equipment  6/7/2024 
Zuleimy Ralat Perez  Y23-193 A  Supply and Installation of Traffic Signal Equipment  6/7/2024 
Jenna Allen  Y23-160   Water and Land Resources Restoration and Management Services  6/9/2024 
Michelle Fort  Y21-1004   Volleyball Officiating Services  6/10/2024 
Tiffany Fulse  Y22-1080   Extension Cords for Orange County Convention Center  6/11/2024 
Zuleimy Ralat Perez  Y19-903 B  Master Planning and Program Management Services for Wastewater Collection, Water and Reclaimed Water Distribution Systems  6/11/2024 
Kathy Bozeman  Y19-170   Consulting Services for Orange County Convention Center Sustainability Initiatives  6/13/2024 
Zuleimy Ralat Perez  Y22-113   Valve Exercise and Unidirectional Flushing Term Contract  6/13/2024 
Megan Miller  Y22-138 A  MSBU Retention Pond Aquatic Weed Control  6/16/2024 
Michelle Black  Y23-1009   Cold In-Place Bituminous Recycling with Asphalt Resurfacing  6/18/2024 
Jenna Allen  Y19-1119   Fire Station Alerting Maintenance and Support  6/23/2024 

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